Membership fees

The Society membership rates for the current year are:

Members: £20

Families: £30

Juniors: £10

Membership fees are due in the first quarter of each year, normally payable at one of the Society meetings.

Benefits of membership

Members are entitled to attend all meetings and also to use the society telescope, after appropriate training.

The Society has an extensive library and collection of observing instruments. Use of any of these items is open only to members of the Society, subject to availability and suitable training.

The Society also has special interest groups on subjects as diverse as astrophotography, outreach, and telescope maintenance, where members can develop their interest by drawing on the expertice of our more experienced members.

Most of all, Society members can develop their interest in and understanding of all aspects of astronomy through interaction with like-minded enthusiasts and experts who can offer advice and share experience.

How to join

If you are interested in joining the Society, come along to one of our meetings, or contact us:

society email