Gallery - Images by Derek Banks

Society member Derek Banks generating 17 output images from a downloaded 24-bit (2417 x 2380 TIFF) version of the recent NASA Hubble image of the most remote galaxy yet imaged. The image above is based on an 8-bit close approximation to the input image. It was derived in 2 stages. In the first stage the palette used is adaptive, that is the palette colours are adjusted by cluster analysis to fit the 24-bit image as closely as possible with at most 256 colours. As a result the best palette is image-dependent. In the second stage the adaptive palette is replaced by a randomised version of a false colour palette, which gives the contours. PixeIs with the same colour in the 8-bit image have very similar 24-bit colours.Any interested parties can contact Derek via the SAS website for more details.


A full resolution image can be downloaded here (note: large download >3Mb)




A NASA 24-bit moon image processed and displayed as an 8-bit
image of the Hue(H) colour component. The transformation from 24-bit RGB
to 24-bit HSI is too complicated to explain here. Essentially the
HSI view is potentially noisier than RGB, but in this case shows that the
full image has been patched together..

A full resolution image can be downloaded here (note: large download >3Mb)


Derek's typical equipment set up is:

Derek uses publicly available images from NASA and other sources and manipulates them on his PC to pull out enhanced details not normally seen in the published images