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Stirling Astronomical Society meets from September to May during the year. Lectures are held generally on the second Friday in each month during that period, beginning at 7.30 p.m. The venue is the lecture room of the Smith Museum and Art Gallery, Dumbarton Road, Stirling.

These meetings are free and anyone with an interest in astronomy is welcome to attend, whether a Member of the Society or not. The current series of lectures is at an end for the summer break. Lectures will start again in September.

2015 / 2016 Public Lecture Syllabus

11th September 2015
Speaker -  John Pressly, Observatory Officer, Coats Observatory.

Title - 'Scottish Astronomy: A Historical Perspective'

9th October 2015
Speaker - David Edwards Open University

Title - 'A History of Telescope Technology'

13th November 2015
Speaker -   AGM

Title -AGM

11th December 2015
Speaker -   Dr Alexander MacKinnon, University of Glasgow

Title - Very Low Frequency Radio Astronomy South of the Equator

8th January 2016
Speaker -  Martin Shelley, Ex Director of the British National Space Centre

Title - General Space Travel,Time with Russian Cosmonauts, Prof Pullinger and Beagle 2

12th February 2016
Speaker -  Robert Law, Mills Observatory

Title - "New Horizons"

11th March 2016
Speaker -   David Gavine

Title - The Aurora in History

8th April 2016
Speaker - TBC

Title - TBC

13th May 2016
Speaker - Duncan Lunan

Title - TBC

14 Oct 2016
Speaker -Colin Innes

Title - Tabby's Star, Dyson spheres , Extra-terrestrial intelligence

11 Nov 2016
Speaker -Allan Vint

Title - Setting out on the adventure of astrophotography

9 Dec 2016
Speaker -Lyn Smith

Title - Moons

13 Jan 2017
Speaker Stuart Reid

Title - Detection of Gravity Waves

10 Feb 2017
Speaker TBA

Title - To Be Announced

10 Mar 2017
Speaker Matteo Ceriotti

Title - Building Space Colonies

12 May 2017
Speaker Dr Alan Cayless

Title - Open University Telescopes



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Smith Museum and Art Gallery, Dumbarton Road, Stirling.

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Famous Lecturer at The Stirling Astronomical Society

In 2005, Prof. John Brown, The Astronomer Royal for Scotland (pictured at left above) lectured to the Stirling Astronomical Society.