The Evening Classes restart at the Stirling Highland Hotel on Thursday 4th October at 7:00 pm. Thereafter, 1st Thursday of the month through till March 2019.

We are hoping to arrange an observing evening before the end of the year at the David Marshall Lodge in Aberfoyle - date and time to be confirmed

The Schedule for Smith Museum Talks is as follows

14 September, Nicolas Labrosse - Solar Prominences 
12 October, Anne Marie Weijmans - Galaxies
9 November, Alan Cayless - Teneriffe observatory
14 December,  Pre-Christmas get together - conversations; no formal talk

11 January, Martin Hendry - Gravitational Waves
8 February, Alex Murphy, Astrophysics
8 March, Douglas Cooper - Spain Observatory
12 April, Bob Thomas - Ancient Astronomy
10 May, Ian Robson - Supercool Astronomy