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2013 / 2014 Public Lecture Syllabus

13th September 2013
Speaker -  Professor Andrew N. Taylor FRSE, ROE

Title - Dark Energy

11th October 2013
Speaker - Prof Sheila Rowan MBE FRSE FInstP FRAS, University of Glasgow

Title - Status of searches for gravitational waves - the next 5 years and beyond

8th November 2013
Speaker -   AGM followed by Sandi Cayless talking about her novel Sub Martis: Dome Lowell

Title -

13th December 2013
Speaker -   Lyn Smith, Director of Solar Section of BAA

Title - The Sun in White Light and H-Alpha - sunspots, prominences, filaments and flares

10th January 2014
Speaker -   David Woods author of 'How Apollo Flew to the Moon'

Title - 'How Apollo Flew to the Moon'

14th February 2014
Speaker -  Dr. Matteo Ceriotti, University of Glasgow

Title - "Solar sailing: from imagination to reality"

14th March 2014
Speaker -   Pippa Goldschmidt PhD Astronomy and author of 'The Falling Sky'

Title - Stories in space: 'The Falling Sky' and other novels' portrayal of astronomy

Speaker - Prof JC Brown Astronomer Royal for Scotland

Title - Sun Plunging Comets - Supersonic Snowballs in Hell

9th May 2014
Speaker - Cairns Mason BSc FFA FSA Scot

Title - John Napier and the 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of Logarithms

2014 / 2015 Public Lecture Syllabus

12th September 2014
Speaker -  Prof Colin McInnes Dsc FREng FRSE University of Strathclyde

Title -Terraforming:A problem of applied Astronomy

10th October 2014
Speaker - Denis Buczynski Secretary of the BAA Comet Section

Title - Comets and the Amateur Astronomer in the Digital Age

14th November 2014
Speaker -   AGM followed by illustrated talk by Douglas Cooper

Title - AGM followed by Astrophotography:Photographs of the Night Sky

12th December 2014
Speaker -   Dr. Matteo Ceriotti, University of Glasgow

Title - "Asteroids: a planetary risk or a valuable resource?".

9th January 2015
Speaker -   Professor Martin Hendry FRSE FInstP FRAS University of Glasgow

Title - International year of light 2015: Measuring the Speed of Light using eclipses of Io

13th February 2015
Speaker -  Alan Cayliss Stirling Astronomical Society

Title - "Aperture Fever:The World's Biggest Telescopes

13th March 2015
Speaker -   Nikolaos Anagnostou

Title - Stonehenge

10th April 2015
Speaker - Dr John K DaviesĀ  OPTICON Project Scientist ROE

Title - 'Infrared astronomy from space'

8th May 2015
Speaker - Alan Cayliss Stirling Astronomical Society

Title - "A lunar mystery"


13th Jan2017 Prof Stuart Reid
Topic : On the 14th September 2015 Two giant laser interferometers known as LIGO, the most sensitive instruments ever built, detected gravitational waves from the merger of a pair of massive black holes more than a billion light years from the Earth. LIGO estimated that the peak gravitational wave power radiated during the final moments of the merger was more than ten times greater than the combined light power from all the stars and galaxies in the 0bservable Universe. Hear about the amazing technology behind the LIGO detectors, which can measue the signatures of spacetime ripples less than a million millionth the width of a human hair,and explore the exciting future that lies ahead for gravitational wave astronomy as we open an entirely new window on the Universe.

Stuart Reid is a Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of the West of Scotland, and a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and an elected member and co-chair of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland. He has spent the last 14 years developing technology for gravitational wave detectors, and is co-inventor of "nanokicking, where precise nanoscale vibrations can be used to control the behaviour (and fate) of adult stem cells.



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Famous Lecturer at The Stirling Astronomical Society

In 2005, Prof. John Brown, The Astronomer Royal for Scotland (pictured at left above) lectured to the Stirling Astronomical Society.